Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hot Hot Hot!

So we had a super hot day yesterday, and of course our air conditioning isn't working!  I hate to complain, considering the rain we've had lately and the winter we had.  But wow it's ridiculously hot!

It's been 2 weeks since I started eating healthy and walking, we won't call it a "diet".  I'm doing well, and I'm proud at how motivated I am staying.  It's been hard, but veggies and fruits are my new version of cookies and chips.  I have slipped in the odd cookie or dessert, but then again I'm only human!

The last 2 weeks have been good, a total weight loss of 6lbs, almost down to the weight I was before I had Emilia, and she's only 5 weeks old!  I could've walked a little more, but with all the rain we've had it's been hard to!

I've never cooked healthy and I'm running out of cooking ideas and different ways to eat my fruit & veggies.  I'm starting to get bored with the way I'm eating, I need to find new ways of cooking and new "healthier" options.

Bring on summer, grilling, and walking! cheers

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